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What’s more special and auspicious than the day you tie the knot? All eyes revolve around you and the charming groom of yours. Ofcourse the wedding gown is most important. Any idea what’s the real spoiler here? Well, when the bridesmaids walk-in donned into the most ordinary and dull dresses on earth. How about pampering them with stunning attires? There’s nothing wrong in lifting up the moods of your kith and kin who often walk the aisle in advance as mesmerizing bridesmaids. Are you a little skeptical about the increased budget? Well ditch your worries because GroupDress is at service!

GroupDress brings to you the most spectacular collection of ‘Under 100 Bridesmaid Dresses and Gowns’. Each of our designs is spellbinding. Thanks to our crackerjack designers who toils hard trying to create masterpieces of haute couture, be it for the prestigious brides or their awesome bridesmaids.

Under 100 Bridesmaid dresses and gowns are equally spectacular. High quality chiffon, satin and silk materials are used, tailored with special sequins, exclusive diamantes and other precious accessories. What’s common to all certainly does not find a place in our collection. Our dresses are priced affordably. Kick-start your day with everything beautiful! Why should the bride only be appreciated when the bridesmaids can look immensely enticing and absolutely stunning?
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